Anglia 105E – Model Introduction

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    Kim Warner

      An all new car!

      Influenced by the North American styling of the time, but tempered by British conservativeness and actual wind tunnel testing, the sweeping nose and subdued tail fins imparted a very pleasing profile reminiscent of an early Thunderbird. Of course the “backward sloping” rear windshield became iconic. An accidental result of following the “breezeway” styling of the 1958 Lincoln Continental (with its electrically opening rear window), it nevertheless was a very practical feature in a small car, allowing compact dimensions without sacrificing headroom due to a conventionally sloping rear window. Many jokes resulted about the “guaranteed” rear windshield (guaranteed not to be befouled by birdshit!).

      Engine: An all new engine, the “Kent”, was offered either as a 1000cc or 1200cc “super”. This was the pre-crossflow version of the pushrod 4 cylinder engine that would power Fords right up until the first South African Fiesta modelpushrod 4 cylinder engine that would power Fords right up until the first South African Fiesta model.

      Gearbox: Now a 4 speed unit, first without synchromesh first, but replaced as an all-synchromesh unit in 1962 in 1200cc cars.

      Notes: In 1961 the 3 door estate version was offered as well as the van variant.

      A period road test in the British “Motor” magazine reported the following figures for a 1000cc Anglia:

      0-97km/h 26.9 seconds
      Top Speed 118km/h
      Fuel Consumption (average) 6.86l/100km

      Personal Observations: I owned a 1966 Anglia in 1998, I had bought “Angie” as a project car to distract me from the marital problems I was experiencing at the time, and as a rebellion against the “non-Ford” period of my life coerced by my then wife and her Opel addicted family. Unfortunately the divorce preceded the completion of the restoration and Angie was pressed into early service. Fitted with a 1600 crossflow motor but retaining the gearbox and diff ratios of the 1200, she accelerated like a dragster, but ran out of rev’s at an indicated 140km/h. The previous owner had replaced the lever-arm rear dampers with rather heavy duty telescopic units, which gave her go-kart like handling. All in all a wonderful little car, and had I had the chance to upgrade the gearbox ( an Escort “bullet box” and replace the internals of the differential, she would’ve been a very practical vehicle. Oh, and the brakes! Non-assisted drums on all four wheels did not go well with the performance potential of the 1600 motor!

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        Hi im looking for a ford anglia bonet grill.

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