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      Cleveland Engine

      Named after the Brookpark, Ohio, Cleveland Engine Plant in which most of these engines were manufactured, the 351 Cleveland was built between 1969 and 1982. Designated the 335 Engine, reflecting Ford’s decision to produce an engine of 335cu in with room for expansion during its development.

      The engine family began production in late 1969 with a 351 cu in (5.8L) engine, later expanded to include a 400cu in (6.6L) engine with a taller version of the block, commonly referred to as the “tall deck block”.

      Cylinder Heads

      The Cleveland Cylinder head is its most definitive aspect. All Heads were 2 valve heads that use poly-angle or “canted” valves; this resulted in the intake and exhaust valves being at separate angles. Canting the valves allowed very large valves to be installed, while reducing port length and minimizing sharp turns within the port. As with the Windsor, 2V and 4V heads were used determined by the number of carburetor venturis.

      Not a South African Old Ford Motor, but these were fitted to the Fairmont GT and Big Ranchero Models (Fairmont Shape) and as such is popular among our local Ford V8 enthusiasts.

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