Conversion of south african Essex 3.0 intake to english version with Weber 38 DG

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      I had already written under another topic that I bought a South African Essex 3.0 NOS (built in 1996, engine number CA 9US0340) for my Reliant Scimitar GTE.

      Now we wanted to exchange the intake spider to the old English Essex version with Weber 38 DGAS carburettor (year 1979). We found out that many parts of the South African model had been changed. Beside completely different valves we also noticed that the intake spider seems to fit at first sight, but then it turned out that the threaded bushes for the screws are mounted at a slightly different angle. I think it is better to stop at this point with the conversion attempt, especially since I have also read in the Internet about various other difficulties with the „backfitting“. Many people how tried this are probably already desperate about it. So the engine, even if it is not historically correct, is supposed to stay as it is.

      Since the engine was delivered without mixture preparation and I have read in the net of different versions with carburettor and injection (an own development of SAMCOR), which carburettor was intended for my engine by the factory or what do you recommend?

      Thank you very much for your ideas and have a nice Sunday!


      Kim Warner

        The “upgraded” Essex was made available as a 3000cc and a 3400cc, the latter profiled for increased torque and fitted to the Courier LDV (which was a badge-engineered Mazda 1ton pickup)

        Assuming that you indeed have the 3000cc version, these were fitted with a Pierburg double downdraft carburettor, I can’t find the exact model designation, but asking the question on our facebook group is sure to get a response.

        The Pierburg and Webber 38DGAS are visually similar, many hardcore Ford Enthusiasts swear the Webber is superior, but my personal experience is that the Pierburg was a fine Carb, subjectively much smoother than the webber.

        But there should be no reason why the two should not be interchangeable on the same manifold

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