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    Stefan Viljoen

      Hi all

      I’m looking for opinions / advice on replacing the fiber timing gear on the Essex V6.

      I’ve googled intensively and there are some options available, to whit alloy and all steel timing gears to replace the fiber timing gear on the Essex.

      From what I can gather high RPM or just time will eventually cause the fiber gear to fail, causing the engine to effectively be destroyed by piston / valve interference and all the associated horror that implies if it happens even at idle.

      My 3.0 Essex is going on for about 38 years old and 180 000 km on the clock, so IS this a concern?

      – Is it worth it to shell out about R4000.00 for a steel timing gear from the UK and the additional few thousand to pull the engine and get it fitted and retimed?

      – Can one buy the gear only, or must you by implication get the crank gear as well, replacing both at the same time?

      – IS the fiber timing gear even a concern? Given engine age and kms done. I’m not contemplating performance or  up-rating the Essex, just want it to last…

      My idea is obviously to preserve my Ford for as long as possible, and I prefer not to find out my fiber timing gear has failed by hearing my engine destroy itself as it bends pushrods and makes valve-shaped holes in the bonnet from below…

      So anybody done this? Experiences? I read it can cause an increase in engine noise level, and that it can also cause problems with the camshaft main bearings if the fiber gear is replaced.

      My engine is totally unmodified, standard valves & springs, factory cam, etc.




      Kim Warner

        My advice; “if it aint broke, then don’t fix it”, I’ve lived with Essex v6’s most of my life and never had this issue and my brother even did some rallies and a track racing with a v6 powered Cortina

        If you REALLY concerned, just replace the gears with a new pair of standard gears, if your originals have lasted this long then the replacements should last as long at least.
        Lets look at it this way, the cost of replacing with steel gears is pretty close to the cost of an engine overhaul


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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