Granada MKI – Model Introduction


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    Kim Warner

      The Granada replaced the Zephyr/Zodiac, Fairmont and Taunus model Ranges as the new Ford Executive car in South Arica.

      The Granada followed the formula of the last Zephyr Zodiac by again using a fully independent rear suspension (this time reverting to rear drum brakes), however the front MacPherson struts were replaced by a double-wishbone subframe as introduced 18 months earlier in the smaller MkIII Cortina.

      The Car was initially released in 3000 GXL Automatic Form, other models followed, including 3000XL, Ghia, Coupe, 2500L and 5.0 V8 Perana options.

      The Perana option courtesy of Basil Green Motors replaced the standard Essex V6 with the Mustang 5.0L Windsor V8 and saw racing victories and transformed the sedate big Ford into a blistering muscle car with full Ford Dealer backing and warranty.

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