Taunus P7 (MKIV) – Model Introduction


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    Kim Warner

      Another Model Range that I do not have extensive personal knowledge of. Some of the details I write here can be disputed, and I am certainly not writing this as an authoritative work. Users are welcome to submit alterations for review.

      The Taunus Range is divided into 17m (smaller engines) and 20m (larger engines) specifications.

      These were German Fords, and this model was to be the last of the distinct “Taunus” ranges, the next designated “TC” (Taunus Cortina) shared design with the British Cortina range.

      In South Africa however the Taunus sold as a more upmarket range alongside the popular Cortina.

      Taunus P7 (MkIV), the 20M was powered by a 2300cc Cologne V6 and later with the 3000cc Essex V6.

      Bodyshell options in South Africa were limited to 4-Door Sedan, 5-Door Estate, and 2-Door Hard Top.

      In Germany the Anglo-American style of design led to a rushed facelift after only the first year of production, and the resultant elimination of styling cues led to a blandness which was not to rescue the flagging sales, contributing to the demise of the Taunus as a distinctly German Model.

      In South Africa, the Taunus and Zephyr/Zodiac models were rationalized into the Granada as the replacement Big Ford.

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