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      Windsor Engine

      The Windsor small block V8 started its life in 1961 and was discontinued (in new vehicles) in 2001 but remains available for purchase from Ford Racing and Performance Parts as a “Crate” Engine.

      The original engine was produced with a 221cu in (3.6L) displacement, but was stretched to a maximum displacement of 351 cu in (5.8L)

      It is most commonly sold with a displacement of 302 cu in (4.9L) and referred to in Metric language, as the 5.0L.

      While essentially an American Motor, we include it here since both Basil Green and SAMCOR successfully shoehorned these motors into various South African Fords creating the Granada Perana, the Capri Perana and the XR8 Sierra (The Animal) of which only 250 were locally produced for homologation purposes.

      Grosvenor Ford followed suit and used the formula to produce factory approved conversions to Sierra’s and Sapphires with full warranty and service backup.

      This was the original Mustang motor especially in “Boss 302” form. The Boss 302 heads became the production heads for the 335 series Cleveland Engines which used the same bore spacing and head bolt configuration.

      Both Windsor and Cleveland engines distinguish between 2V and 4V variants, this is not to be confused with 2-valve or 4-valve per cylinder designations but rather refer to the number of venturis (chokes) in the fitted carburetor. The 2V 302 was rated at 164kW (SAE Gross), the 4V at 186kW (SAE Gross).

      As can be seen from these figures, compared to 103kW (DIN Nett) for the Essex V6, a lively improvement in performance was gained by fitting the Windsor, at the expense of handling (especially in the Capri) and Fuel Consumption.

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