Why Old Ford?

ford cortina rally
Ford Cortina Rally

These kinds of passions are very personal, each have their own reasons for their Ford passion.

Henry Ford was a giant of a man, wise, far-sighted and true to himself.

He is the only motor manufacturer who is quoted in almost every self-help book, and the rumours of his unorthodox methods are legend, many of these cannot be substantiated, but even so, the very fact that they exist in the first place are testament to the legend that he became.

Raised by a single mother in a small town, we never owned a car. Funny how those things we have we take for granted, those we don’t we obsess over. Often we would travel in someone’s car, friend, family member, church member, so I was exposed to most makes of car, but it was always those FORDS that impressed.

I remember the hush Luxury of Cortina LDO’s and Granada’s

The brute power of my brothers Mk2 Cortina Perana, and later the more refined presence of his Cortina XR6. My car crazy brother even started rallying using the same Mk3 Cortina pickup that served duty as his workhorse during the week.

In many ways the burble of an Essex V6 became a symbol of my childhood.

My first car was a ’76 Escort 1.6GL, not exactly every young man’s dream, but it was a Ford, and of that I was truly proud.

I have strayed from the “True Blue” Path a few times over the years, sometimes due to outside influences, and other times due to economic necessity, and the Nissan’s, Mercedes’, VW and (shamefully) Opel, that have been in my possession have all had one fault in common… they were not FORDS! Some were faster, some more prestigious, some more economical, but they all failed, they did not have those core values that made Ford great.

In the blog of this site I will share many stories, epic journeys and examples of bullet-proof reliability that I have experienced, witnessed and had related to me.

Over the years the Blue Oval has become much more than just the logo of a car company; it has come to represent a vision, a reminder of values long discarded! Sadly, modern Ford products have been compromised by the need to compete within the modern economic system, but still, they are products of a family run business that have a history, a unique history that combines racing blood from Indianapolis, Formula One and Le Mans; Rally successes from icy fjords to sandy deserts, all the way to humble family sedans and LDV’s.

Us Ford Folks can be proud indeed!


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