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Welcome, we are glad to have you here!

“Ford has a better idea” was the original Ford Motor Co. slogan, and history has proven the truth of that statement, from the indestructible Model T’s who pioneered mass automobile culture, to the “Double Four Valve” F1 engines, GT40’s that humbled Ferrari at le Mans and the neighbour’s Cortina Sedan, Ford has led the way.

We at Old Ford Club are honored to be a piece of this motoring history, we are still infants, tucked away in the South, but we are growing exponentially!

This site will become THE resource for all things Old FORD in South Africa. We define “Old Ford” as all products up until the Sapphire/Sierra, after which SAMCOR badge engineered many Mazda products as “Fords” in South Africa, while there is no “start” date to “Old Fords” the models we will be catering for (at least initially) are reflected on the timeline, interestingly while researching, I could not find one timeline listing the progression of South African Ford Models, we have created one and it is here!

Our Team:

Darrell: most of the South African Ford models originated from Ford UK, and we are very fortunate to have one of our founding members living there, not only has Darrell designed and hosted this awesome site, but he will also function as our “man in the UK”.

I am Kim, and I will be drawing from a lifetime of Ford passion and experience to provide content, advice and product knowledge.

While we do support show cars and collectors items, we will be encouraging folks to USE their Old Fords, so we have made it our mission to source affordable quality parts and to offer the advice and contacts to keep your Old Ford reliable, insured and legal.

The heart of a car is its engine, there are many Frankenstein’s out there with Toyota/Nissan (and my favourite horror) Opel engines, these are NO LONGER FORDS and as such will not be supported on this site!

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